5 Best Baby Carriers for Bad Backs – Dad Tested!

I have four kids and trust me when I say that you should never underestimate how heavy a one-year-old is. My eldest used the carrier until she’s three years old so just imagine the weight. Even though some dads won’t admit it, the pain will reveal itself the moment you lay in bed. To help fellow dads, I will share here five of the best baby carriers for bad backs. I’ve tried all of these with my children, so I’m confident this will work on most fathers out there.

It may look easy, but carrying a baby around on a carrier takes its toll on your back. Instead of enduring the back pain, you might as well get one of these:

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Ergobaby Omni 360
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5 Best Baby Carriers for Bad Backs


OUR TOP PICK: BABY STEPS 6-in-1 Baby Carrier
best baby carriers for bad backs

Product Name: BABY STEPS 6-in-1 Baby Carrier

Product Description: Of all the baby carriers we've bought for our kids, the one from BABY STEPS is the most comfortable. We had to go through a couple of carriers before finding the best ones. This carrier lasted for years of regular use since we travel a lot. This carrier is made of organic cotton with polyester fabric. It's very breathable and comfy, too, since the straps are wide and well-padded. Also, it didn't chafe my child's legs, which is a very common flaw among baby carriers. The carrier is very breathable so both you and your child will be comfortable with it.

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  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Adjustability
  • Safety


Moreover, you can carry your baby in front inward, front outward, single strap, hip seat, and back carry positions. It also fits all kid statures from three months to 36 months. Overall, this can support up to 44 lbs. of weight without putting all the pressure on your back.

Also, I really like the quick-tie buckle, which makes it very easy to put on even without another person’s assistance. It’s also equipped with a waist pocket, zippered front pocket, foldable head support, hood, and adjustable straps. The hood is detachable if your child doesn’t find it comfortable.


Can be used on babies ages 3 to 36 months

Breathable 3D mesh material

Lavish padding


The hood is a bit tight, especially for older kids


Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

best baby carriers for bad backs

Another baby carrier I swear by is the ErgoBaby Omni 360. This is a four-position carrier that can support babies between 7 lbs. to 33 lbs. in weight. You can configure it in front inward, hip, back, and front outward positions.

Like the one from BABY STEPS, this one has a baby hood for sun protection. It also doubles as a breastfeeding cover when mums are using the carrier.

This has padded lumbar support with wide shoulder straps that are lavishly padded. You can also adjust the waist belt to wear it either low or high to suit your comfort.

Moreover, the front part has a Cool Air Mesh material to keep your baby comfy. The rest is made of soft fabric that will not irritate your little one’s skin.

 Take note that this has a bucket seat, which is ideal for almost all babies. This is also equipped with cushioned neck and head support as well as a detachable pouch.

Overall, this is newborn-ready. The only issue that many dads see here is the steep price. But for the safety of your little one and your back’s comfort, splurging a little bit is worth it.

  • Cool Air Mesh material
  • Comes with a removable pouch
  • Newborn-ready
  • A little fiddly than other carriers, but you’ll master it over time.

Tula Coast Explore Baby Carrier

best baby carriers for bad backs

The Tula Coast Explore Baby Carrier was the one we used for our third child. It has a cool marble design, but it’s more than just its appearance.

This is made of 100% cotton, so it’s super-soft and very comfortable for babies. It’s also lightweight, which reduces the strain on the back of hands-on dads. There’s also a mesh panel in front to keep the baby comfy and cool.

Aside from that, you can set this in multiple positions. You can use it front outward, front forward, and back carry. This supports the healthy spine and hip development of babies.

This Tula baby carrier also has three width settings so you can adjust as your baby grows. Overall, this can be used on 7 lbs. to 45 lbs. babies, making the carrier ideal for up to 3 years of age.

Moreover, this carrier has padded neck support and pillow. Its waistband also has a one-size-fits-all range of 27″ to 57″.

I also like the front waist pocket storage that comes in handy for small items. Overall, this baby carrier is worth every penny

  • Made of soft cotton
  • Adjustable width
  • Lightweight and easy on the back
  • Not for newborns

manduca First Baby Carrier

When it comes to lumbar support, I swear by the manduca First Baby Carrier. This is made of organic cotton with a woven canvas outer shell.

This has an integrated infant insert, so it’s newborn ready. It’s paired with a patented back extension, which distributes the baby’s weight to reduce back strain. This is also equipped with a head support to keep your baby comfortable.

Moreover, this can be set in three different positions: front inward, hip, and back. It’s very easy to use and not as fiddly as other baby carriers. This can also support babies that weigh 7.7 lbs. to 44 lbs.

I must say, the straps of this baby carrier are very much well-padded. The same goes for the hip strap. However, since it’s made of cotton, it can feel a bit too warm on hotter days. But on chilly days, the thick material will come in handy.

You can also cross the straps of this baby carrier. I only ever use this with crossed straps because it’s very comfy and doesn’t hurt my back. Also, I suggest this configuration for dads who are quite slender and tall to prevent feeling like the straps are slipping off the shoulders.

  • Well-padded straps
  • Excellent back support
  • The straps can be crossed
  • The straps feel like falling off the shoulders if you’re tall and slim

LILLEBaby 6-Position Baby Carrier

My last pick for this roundup is the LILLEBaby 6-Position Baby Carrier. It’s very ergonomic, and there’s no insert needed to use it on newborns.

You can set this baby carrier in front inward, hip, back, and front carry positions. It can support 7 lbs. to 45 lbs. of weight so your baby will grow in it.

For dads with bad backs, this LILLEBaby carrier is heaven-sent. It’s designed with lumbar support. And to ensure that your baby is comfy, it has a headrest, hood, and padding. You can also utilize the front pocket to keep baby items handy. Moreover, this baby carrier has a breathable micro cloth with soft cloth lining.

This has two-way adjustable straps, wide waist belt, and a light design for every parent’s comfort. You can also get this in two colours, which is an added perk.

This is ready to use and complete for newborns. You can also adjust the baby seat to keep your baby comfortable.

However, I just want to advise that this isn’t made for short users. It will feel bulky and big if you’re under 5’5″. Other than that, this is a fantastic baby carrier that will not hurt your back.

  • Designed with lumbar support
  • Wide hip belt
  • Newborn-ready
  • Not for short dads

How to choose a baby carrier

There are so many options in the market that finding the best baby carriers for bad backs can be challenging. To make it easier for new dads, here are some the things I usually look for:

✔️Proper size

It’s very important to get the right baby carrier sizes. Some babies are bigger than others, so this is a very important consideration.

The good thing is that most baby carriers are adjustable so your baby can grow with it. All of the baby carriers we’ve had can support 33 lbs. to 44 lbs. of baby weight.

Aside from the fit on the baby, you should also consider if the carrier is suitable for you. Some carriers tend to be bulky for shorter users, just like the one from LILLEBaby I reviewed here.


Another thing you should consider is how adjustable the baby carrier is. It should give you position options to suit the age and carrying mode you prefer. Baby carriers can be used front inward, front backward, hip, back, and so on. This gives you more freedom and convenience in carrying your child.

Remember that some baby carriers require an insert for you to use it on newborns. Make sure that you check this part before buying.

✔️Generous padding

For those with bad backs, lavish padding is a must. This cushions the pressure of the baby’s weight, especially if your child is already a toddler.

Make sure that the straps are considerably wide and padded. Otherwise, it will tire your shoulder and soon hurt your back.

✔️Hip belt or lumbar support

Another feature I look for is a hip belt. This stabilizes the baby carrier while adding support on your lower back. This is usually paired with lumbar support to prevent back pain while carrying a baby. Take note that this portion should also be padded to prevent strain.

✔️Breathable material

The material of the baby carrier must be breathable. This will keep your baby comfortable, especially on long use.

Mesh material on the front portion will add ventilation while your baby is riding the carrier. Meanwhile, some carriers are intentionally made of cotton and other materials to shield the baby from cold temperatures.

✔️Head and neck support

Head and neck support is indispensable when it comes to baby carriers. It prevents injuries and physical problems on your baby. The support should be soft and comfortable. It shouldn’t chafe or irritate your child’s skin.


The hood is usually a removable part that shields your child from outdoor elements. Mums also use this as a cover while breastfeeding their babies. You should also check this part and see if the size of the hood is suitable for your child’s head size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my baby carrier cause back pain?

A: Faulty design is the one to blame here. Thin straps and poorly padded features are guaranteed to hurt your back, especially if you’re carrying a toddler. Also, front outward facing carriers are said to cause more back pain than other positions since it strains your lower back. You should get the best baby carriers for bad backs instead.

Q: Can you wear a baby too much?

A: Some parents are worried that they are spoiling their kids by carrying them around a carrier all the time. Baby-wearing helps reduce crying and tantrums, which is a win-win situation for the parent and the babies. Just make sure that you’re carrying the baby properly to prevent physical problems.

Q: How long can a baby be in a baby carrier?

A: Experts recommend limiting carrying a baby in a carrier an hour at a time. After an hour, take the baby out of the carrier so it can move its hips. This is crucial for very young infants since the lack of leg movement can lead to overextension and posture problems.

Q: Can you lie down while using a baby carrier?

AL No, you should never lie down when carrying your baby in a carrier. The baby needs to remain in an upright position when riding a carrier. If you want to lie down, you should take the baby out of the carrier and into the crib.

Final words

The best baby carriers for bad backs will save a lot of dads from the pain. Staying in shape and avoiding back pain is very important when you’re a father. I’ve been through four babies, and I know how challenging it is for parents. Aside from other baby needs, a reliable carrier will make such a big difference. It will also prevent injuries on your baby’s part.

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