8 Birthday Gift Suggestions for Your Wife That Aren’t Jewelry

Being a dad is a full-time job, but being a husband is another story. If your wife’s birthday is inching close or you’re still looking for an anniversary gift, we’ve got your back. As a dad/husband, I know the struggle of finding the best gift that will impress and make the woman in my life happy. In this post, I listed eight of the best birthday gift suggestions for wife that I’ve also gifted my better half before.

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Kate Spade Grove
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UltraBoost 20
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Queen Pillowcase
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Salon Pro G3
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da Vinci Cosmetics
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I focused on non-jewelry gifts for a change. Some ladies are no longer impressed by gold or diamond pieces (just like my wife!). So to give you some quick ideas, the following are some of my suggestions. You can also shop right away with my links below.


1. A new wristwatch: Apple Watch Series 5
birthday gift suggestions for wife

Product Name: Apple Watch Series 5

Product Description: If you have the budget, you can surprise your wife with an Apple Watch Series 5. This is a gift your wife can wear and use around, be it at work, casual activities, or even at home. Instead of giving her typical wristwatches, you can level up your game with this piece of technology. The Apple Watch Series 5 has a 30% larger screen size than its predecessor model. Also, it comes with an always-on Retina display and a swim-proof build. This is also equipped with a GPS, ECG app, and optical heart sensors. So from jogging in the morning, hustling at work, and working out, this Smartwatch comes handy.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Value for Money
  • Functionality
  • Perfect for All Occasions


Aside from that, the watch has a noise app alert that notifies the wearer if things are getting loud.

What I also like is that the Apple Watch comes with an emergency SOS that you can connect to your device.

You can get this watch in a 40 mm or 4 mm face, depending on your wife’s wrist size.


Packed with great features

Useful gift for wife

Total value for money


Can feel large on the wrist

2. A designer bag: Kate Spade Grove Street Carli

birthday gift suggestions for wife

If your wife is more into designer bags, you can get her the Kate Spade Grove Street Carli. This bag is made of genuine black saffiano leather with a zippered enclosure. Also, it comes with an interior zipper pocket, multifunction pockets, and a cellphone pocket.

Moreover, this bag comes with 13-inch leather handles as well as a longer strap for versatility. This can be used as a handbag or a crossbody bag as your wife wishes.

Overall, this bag measures 9 inches tall, 13.6-inches long, and 5 inches wide. It’s available in different colors like Rioja, Lakesedge, Blazer Blue, Warm Beige, Lavender Mist, Soft Taupe, and more.

If your wife doesn’t have a Kate Spade in her collection yet, you’ll never go wrong with this piece. This designer bag is useful and has a lot of space for your wife’s belongings. Kate Spade is one of the biggest and premiere names in the fashion world. If you’re looking for a sophisticated gift for your wife, this might be a perfect choice.

  • Versatile designer bag
  • Made of genuine saffiano leather
  • Available in different colors
  • Fewer pockets (wifey said)

3. A pair of running shoes: adidas UltraBoost 20

birthday gift suggestions for wife

If your wife goes to the gym regularly or is taking long runs, you should get her a new pair of kicks. That way, her joints, and feet are always safe from the impact of exercise. This is an excellent choice for a gift if your wife isn’t impressed by jewelry but of practicality and function.

For this, we recommend the adidas UltraBoost 20. This pair of shoes is made of 100% textile for excellent breathability as well as a rubber sole. Its platform is around 3 inches with a low-top arch shaft.

The adidas UltraBoost boasts an explosive lift-off on every step. This pair of running shoes has excellent responsiveness, which makes running a more comfortable workout.

Moreover, the UltraBoost 20 has a sock-like fit and optimal energy return, thanks to its midsole with about 20% more Boost. This also has the Tailored Fiber Placement for added stitched-in reinforcement.

  • Durable running shoes
  • Excellent lift-off
  • Comfortable fit and feel
  • May run a little wide if your wife has narrow feet

4. A beauty sleep pillowcase: SLIP Queen Pillowcase

birthday gift suggestions for wife

Is your wife always tired and stressed at work? If so, you can give her a beauty rest gift in the form of SLIP Queen Pillowcase.

SLIP isn’t your typical pillowcase. This one is made of pure silk that’s lab-proven to reduce sleep crease, bed head, and wrinkles. Also, the Slipsilk material absorbs less face cream, which helps in locking in the moisture on your wife’s skin.

Moreover, this pillowcase reduces friction so the face can glide smoothly on the surface of the pillow. With this same characteristic, the Slipsilk pillowcase will reduce hair-tangling, something that your wife will thank you for.

Even though this pillowcase is made of silk, it is machine-washable as long as you use mild soap. 

The Slipsilk pillowcase is available in Queen and King sizes, as well as a variety of colors. Each pillowcase is contained inside a thin box that you can wrap.

If you have the extra budget, you can pair the Slipsilk with other gifts on this list, like the Karmin G3 or the da Vinci cosmetics brush set (reviews below!).

  • Made of pure silk
  • Skin-friendly
  • Machine-washable
  • We recommend pairing it with another gift

5. Wireless earbuds: Apple AirPods

Is your wife still using wired earphones? It’s probably time to surprise her with wireless earbuds for a change. It’s much convenient, and your better half will surely appreciate the high-tech present. And when we’re talking about wireless earbuds, nothing compares to the Apple AirPods.

The popular AirPods have been purchased online tens of thousands of times. Your wife will surely love this gift no matter what her interests are.

The AirPods are easy to set up across Apple devices, plus it comes with an auto on and auto-connect feature. You can also access Siri using this device.

Aside from that, you can skip and play by double-tapping on the earbuds. It’s equipped with the newest Apple H1 headphone chip that provides a fast wireless connection. There’s no lag in these earbuds, not to mention that it has high-quality and rich audio.

These AirPods also come with the charging case, but you can also charge it with a Lightning connector. Each charge will give your wife up to 5 hours of listening time.

  • Convenient wireless construction
  • Long listening time per charge
  • H1 chip
  • None really

6. Hot iron/curler: Karmin Salon Pro G3

Is your wife running a salon? Or is she fond of hairstyling? If so, you can make her day with a brand new and salon-grade hot iron. We recommend the Karmin Salon Pro G3 since it works as a straightener and a curler in one.

This flat iron is equipped with pure tourmaline ceramic plates that provide even heat and a no-pull styling. Also, it has one-inch plates that can style just about any hair type, even short bangs.

Moreover, the Karmin G3 has a flash quick heating technology, so the flat iron becomes useful in just a matter of minutes upon plugging. Aside from that, it produces negative ions to remove static on the hair. If you don’t know it yet, hair static makes hairstyling a pain because the hair will stick to surfaces.

Karmin G3 offers a variable heat setting from 250F to 460F to suit every hairstyle that your wife wants to sport. The best part here is that this flat iron has a universal voltage of 100V to 240V, perfect for traveling and all-around use.

  • Ceramic plates for even heat
  • Works for all hair types
  • Heats up fast
  • May take more than one pass on thick locks

7. Makeup brush set: da Vinci Cosmetics

For wives who love makeup, the da Vinci Cosmetics brush set is an excellent choice for a gift. This set is composed of seven brushes with short handles that comes in a soft case with ties.

Each brush has a lacquered black handle, which is the classic design of the da Vinci cosmetics line. Also, the best ferrules are used to produce these brushes for a rust-resistant quality. This set includes da Vinci’s 94244, 3674, 4504, 3744, 965-22, 964-4, and 4194 series.

The best part here is that these brushes underwent sweatshop-free manufacturing in Germany. So aside from getting your wife a classy set of makeup brushes, you will also purchase a guilt-free gift.

If your wife is a makeup artist, this set is the real deal. The hair of the brushes is soft and way better than synthetic counterparts. This set is also a great travel combination, not to mention that the leather case is really chic.

  • Premium brushes
  • Chic leather case with ties
  • Perfect for makeup enthusiasts
  • No major issues according to wifey

8. Personalized soundwave art: Artblox

Your gift to your wife doesn’t always have to be expensive. Any wife will appreciate a gift if a lot of effort is put into it, no matter how cheap its price is.

One time, I was really struggling financially with our wedding anniversary just two weeks away. I was browsing the web when I found out about soundwave art. It was mind-blowing and with my wife being a music lover, I know she’ll love it.

Personally, I recommend Artblox if you are to get this type of gift. This is how Artblox soundwave artworks: the maker will ask for your recording/song of choice, then they will transform it into a soundwave with an encoded barcode.

It may look like a soundwave, but when your wife scans with her smartphone camera, the recording will play. If you don’t want a song, the recording can be your message to your better half.

What’s more is that comes in a polished acrylic glass that can be placed in the living room or as a paperweight on the office table.

This is a personalized gift and my wife really loved it. So if you’re short in cash and looking for a gift, you’ll never go wrong with this one.

  • Unique gift
  • Personalized to your liking
  • Very affordable
  • Nothing (my wife loved it!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best Christmas gift I can give my wife?

A: The best Christmas gift for your wife always depends on her preferences and interests. You have an entire year to pick up clues on what you can possibly give her for the holidays. Pay attention to the new hobbies she will acquire as well as her pop culture preferences.

Q: Is jewelry still a good gift for my wife?

A: Again, it depends on your wife’s likes and dislikes. For the most part, husbands give their wives jewelry pieces as gifts. These are easy gifts with a wide variety in the market.

Q: What if I don’t have enough cash to buy my wife a gift?

A: Your gift doesn’t always have to be expensive. Above, we reviewed an affordable option so you can still show your wife that you love her. It’s not always about the price. The thought and your efforts never go unnoticed.

Q: How can I surprise my wife with a gift?

A: When surprising your wife, always choose an ordinary day and don’t try to manipulate her moves. Most of all, never get a surprise gift you can’t afford. If you do so, you and your wife may end up arguing.

Q: Is it okay to gift money to my wife?

A: If your wife prefers buying her stuff, then it might be better to get her a gift check or just hand the cash over. However, if your wife likes surprises, you may need to make more effort than withdrawing that cash from the bank.


If you’re looking for birthday gift suggestions for wife, our list here will help a lot. Regardless if you’re on a budget or willing to splurge for the love of your life, we have the best options here.

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