Cheap Wooden Swing and Slide Set – Top 3 Picks!

A swing and slide playset actually makes the playtime more enjoyable for kids. However, choosing the right material to invest for a durable swing and slide set might be very challenging. Luckily, to help you in your decision making, we have here three of the cheap wooden swing and slide set available in town.

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Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wood Play Set with Swings Check Price

As we go along, we will also share some insights regarding the difference of a metal swing set and the wooden swing set. You will also learn the essential factors to consider when you decide to buy a wooden swing and slide set. If you are ready, then let’s check it out below!

Are wooden or metal swing sets better?

The wood and the metal are two of the most common swing set materials to consider when installing that playset inside your backyard. However, both of them entail some factors for consideration. 

Generally, a swing set has swings that also contain other items for playing. These are the playhouse, pole, slide, and ladder. The design basically deals with the various needs that have already changed over the years. 

✴️ Durability

Swing set durability must highly comply with the location of placement and who will actually use it. Basically, metal swing set has the possibility to develop rust and corrode. Because of it, older children may not use it as it can bend or break. Yet, one way to enhance the durability aspect is to paint it but it may not last that long.

Meanwhile, the wooden swing type generally lasts longer. However, it must be properly treated to make it sturdy and rot slowly. This is highly applicable for public use due to its usage by numbers of children. However, the best option for home use is the metal swing set. 

✴️ Safety

The good conductor of heat is the metal; this makes this swing set type too hot once placed in an exposed area under the sun. Aside from that, the kids may even experience pinched skin because of the presence of chain links and fasteners.

On the other hand, wasps may nest over the wooden type of swing which may be really annoying. Because of this, this might not be good for kids with an allergy to wasps. Another thing to consider when choosing the wood swing set is its method of wood treatment.

Actually, in the wood treatment process, they use some chemicals like the copper azole or alkaline copper. This may be a general health risk for the lungs and bladder. Moreover, kids might also develop splinters susceptibility.

In case you opt for a metal swing, better to place it on a location under the shade. Also, consider replacement of chain links and fasteners with durable alternatives like a rope. On the other hand, for a wooden swing set, ensure that the lumber is smooth enough, painted, and well finished.

✴️ Maintenance

Once the part of the wooden swing breaks up, it is very easy to replace within your home. But, regular maintenance is needed like painting and screws and bolts tightening. 

Meanwhile, metal swing set maintenance needs a touch-up over scrapes and scratches. Aside from that, you must have periodic sealing, finishing, and painting over it to avoid rusting and corrosion. You may also find a metal swing set that includes creative plastic sheaths that double up the protection from humidity.

✴️ Affordability

The wooden swing sets actually have more maintenance requirement compared the metal swing sets thus, making it more costly. Additionally, the wooden swing set also lets you spend much for the replacement of broken parts. Moreover, you need to hire the assistance of a professional builder in case you are not familiar with wood repairing.

Meanwhile, the metal swings generally have lower prices. This is because of the less maintenance requirement. Aside from that, the assembling process can be easily done alone. 

✴️ Customization

Actually, adding some personal touch on the swing and slide set has a long list of options. There are great deals of the build for a wooden swing set. Moreover, you can also form a bottom foundation if you want. Its look that is highly natural creates an eco-friendly ambience within your backyard.

In terms of the metal swing type, it is generally hard to customize. Replacing, adding, or omitting parts is really difficult for the metal swing set. It may actually take you longer for the repairing process as the broken parts may come from the manufacturer which may lead you to times of waiting.

✴️ Installation

The setting-up process for these two swing sets may only take less time for the metal one. In case you go for assembling the wooden swing set, take into account the assistance of a professional. This will let you ensure the safety, durability, and stability of the playset.

So, which is actually better?….

Generally, the swing set has various styles and designs. It is actually essential to learn the type of material that makes up this playset. However, a metal swing is not as durable and customizable compared to the wooden type. Yet, it is basically budget-friendly and has an easy maintenance process.

A wooden set, on the other hand, may stand there in your playground for more years. The customization and maintenance process is generally easy. It calls for the assistance of professional builders to create a strong, stable, and safe swing set. However, the process of construction is too long and may be expensive.  

Considering these factors, you might be able to opt for the best swing set for your backyard.

How do you anchor a wooden swing set?

Generally, properly anchoring a swing set has the main objective of preventing the kids to get hurt as you play on the swing. Aside from that, the process of assembling is actually a direct one. At this point, we will discuss the anchoring process through concrete. Actually, this really needs extra time, but it is more secure than the other method.

However, no matter the method is the initial step must involve the backyard analysis for proper identification of the best swing location. It is actually better to choose a flat and solid ground. Aside from that, it must not flood once the rain pours. Next, put the already setup swings on the preferred spot.

Generally, you’ll need to have the following materials:

  • Anchoring plates
  • Bolts and screws
  • Concrete
  • Drill
  • Shovel
  • Tape measure

Here is the step-by-step process to do it:

  1. Through a shovel, mark the location of the swing set in each leg. This must be done when you already position your swing. Temporary move the swing on that place and dig holes at each marking. Keep in mind that the holes depth measurement is around 12 inches and the diameter is about eight inches.
  2. Moreover, drill the holes from the sides of the swing’s legs through a 9.5-millimeter drill bit. Take note that the hole must be one inch on top of the leg’s bottom
  3. There should be an anchoring plate on the base of each leg. Subsequently, screw the bolts or through the plates.
  4. With a concrete mixture, fill the holes situated on the ground.
  5. Over the concrete-filled anchoring holes, place the swing set by pressing the base of each leg and the plates over the wet concrete.
  6. However, ensure that the anchor plate is planted deep enough. Keep in mind that the half bottom of the swing’s leg should be placed below the concrete’s surface.
  7. Make sure that swing legs are on an even position and let another person hold the legs to lower them into the holes.
  8. Dry out the concrete and allow it to get hard for 24 hours.

What to Look for When Buying the Cheap Wooden Swing and Slide Set?

Below are some of the things to consider when you decide to buy the cheap wooden swing and slide set:

☑️ Choosing the appropriate structure

Once you come up with the decision of installing a wooden playset, you must have to essentially consider the material preference, size, and equipment. Having some bit of researching over the web, you will be aware of the proper way to analyze the wooden play set in the market. Moreover, you will also have the time to make a great decision over your backyard and within your family.

☑️ Wood types

Redwood, pines, and cedar are the most popular wood materials for making the cheap wooden swing and slide set. Staining and sealing are the general processes in keeping the wood structure look good over the years. The redwood and cedar wood basically repel insects thus, it becomes low-effort picks. Moreover, the redwood is somehow costly while the cedar suddenly becomes popular.

The pine, on the other hand, may offer a similar amount of rot resistance through the application of sealants. Yet, many people believe that the pine woods easily splinters. No matter the type of wood is the matter lies on purchasing the high-quality wood material. In addition, the process of wood harvesting uses eco-friendly methods.

☑️ Sizes of playset

For playsets, it is a general rule to have at least six feet of open area which surrounds the whole playset. Meaning, if the playset perfectly fits in the backyard, it doesn’t mean that it is really safe to place it there. Moreover, a small space may lead to falls that might be dangerous for other kids. Aside from that, it is also essential to take into account the kid ages that will play over it. Keep in mind that large or high swing may be really dangerous for smaller kids. 

☑️ Play equipment types

What makes the play sets unique from the rests is the equipment that they feature. The play equipment generally has a wide range of coverage. It starts from a simple slide model to multiple structural levels. Aside from that, there also come tire swings, ladders, and monkey bars.  

Some of the playset models involve feature expansions. This generally needs you to begin from a small area and permit the construction of the playset to grow as your kids. Aside from that, the swing sets have a wide range of choices. Because of this, a baby swing can be easily changed to a regular one.

☑️ Fits perfectly

A complete playset is readily available in the market. So, you can basically able to find one that fits the needs of the family, budget, and space. The moment you have your choice of material, it is actually the best time to opt for the appropriate size that suits within your location. Afterwards, you may actually enjoy customizing every detail of your cheap wooden swing and slide set that may last for years.

3 of the Cheap Wooden Swing and Slide Set

OUR TOP PICK: Swing-N-Slide Cedar Brook Play Set with Swings

Product Name: Swing-N-Slide Cedar Brook Play Set with Swings

Product Description: The first of our list of the cheap wooden swing and slide set is the Swing-N-Slide Cedar Brook Play Set with Swings. The materials that made this playset come from a premium stained lumber. It also comes with Side Winder slide and two-pieces of swing made of UV plastic. A great feature of this cheap wooden swing and slide set is that it includes rock climbing wall with colorful rocks of 8 different shades. Kids will generally enjoy playing on the Swing-N-Slide Cedar Brook Play Set with Swings as they can also slide over a multi-child glider, climb over monkey bars and run over the ladder. Parents may also have fun on setting-up this playset as it includes an easy to follow instruction guide.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Sturdiness


This cheap wooden swing and slide set has everything inside one box. The lumber material is actually a high premium one. You could also never go wrong with its roof that is also a block of wood. Moreover, the swing chain is actually made of plastisol coats which highly avoid finger pinching and may not rust.   

Product Details:

Color:  Green

Material:  Wood

Weight:  497 pounds

Dimensions:  253(L) x 141(W) x 123(H) inches

Assembly Required:  Yes

Assembled Dimensions: 20’11”(L) x 11’9”(W) x 10’3”(H)


  • Made in the USA

  • Have multiple swing options

  • Ideal for children ages 3 to 10 years old


  • Some bolts and boards are missing

  • Some screens are short and do not fit


Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wood Swing Play Set

Cheap wooden swing and slide set

One of the best among the cheap wooden swing and set slide set is the Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wood Swing Play Set. It actually includes an enticing feature which is really ideal for smaller yards. Aside from that, they also keep the kids entertained all day long. 

The elevated fort area is highly colorful and the front wall is a white trimmed window. This actually results in a cool clubhouse-looking area on the top portion. In the below area, you will see another fort which includes a front wall, window and a true door. There is also the presence of a side snack window with a built-in bench situated outside.

When the kids go out on the swing beam, they may find a belt that may secure them while sitting over the swing seats. In case your kids love to have fun while doing acrobats and clowning around, the acrobat bar is actually perfect. Moreover, there is a step ladder that leads the kids to go to the upper fort. They may generally go down by sliding fast over the zips. 

The swing set of the Oakmont Swing Play Set is actually from a complete Cedar construction. Thanks to its tight knot construction, the lumber becomes more resistant in developing small cracks. Moreover, the Cedarwood material of this cheap wooden swing and slide set passed the test for being rot-resistant and resistant to natural decay. 

Moreover, to achieve a smooth and clear look, the lumber is actually pre-stained. Aside from that, the building process is actually easy due to the stamping of parts number over the swing set. Additionally, it also includes Safe-T-Fuse hardware for easy and secure assembling method. The swing beam is highly laminated for a more firm built and supports by clam-shell brackets made of steel for a safe swing.

Product Details:

Color:  Multicolor

Material:  Wood

Weight:  211 pounds

Dimensions:  135(L) x 168(W) x 103(H) inches

Assembly Required:  Yes

Assembled Dimensions: 14’0”(W) x 11’3”(D) x 8’7”(H)

Additional Features:

  • With a colorful canopy over the upper fort
  • The snack stand window is present on the lower fort
  • There is a snack bench and the front door comes out from the real door
  • The swings have two belts and trapeze bar
  • Includes an 8 feet speedy slide and 4 feet deck
  • Have heavy-duty canopy swings
  • The swing sets come with a belt
  • Water-resistant
  • Complies with ASTM standards
  • Wood materials are peeling off
  • Not sturdy enough

Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wood Play Set with Swings

The last on our list of the cheap wooden swing and slide set is the Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wood Play Set with Swings. It greatly has lots of amenities and design that may really enjoy my kids. Moreover, this wooden playset is very popular among the kids as it offers the benefits of climbing, swinging, and sliding. What’s really enjoyable about this product is that the kit has a complete package including two large decks with activity spacious rooms of around 24 square feet.

The Chesapeake Wood Play Set has a heavy-duty canopy which is suitable for all weather conditions. The inclusion of this playset has pre-cut lumber with premium stained. There is also the presence of big posts and a swing beam for support and stability of the construction. You do not have to worry for the assembling process as the woods are pre-drilled and there are fasteners included inside the playset kit.

Moreover, the slide is in the form of a wave which is made in the USA. Aside from that, the Chesapeake Wood Play Set is highly ideal on the residential backyard. In addition to that, this playset actually meets or, as much, exceeds the ASTM safety standards.  

Product Details:

Color:  Beige

Material:  Wood

Weight:  475 pounds

Dimensions:  191(L) x 196(W) x 123(H) inches

Assembly Required:  Yes

Assembled Dimensions: 15’11”(W) x 15’11”(L) x 10’3”(H)

Additional Features:

  • The Swing Seats can actually accommodate a maximum weight of around 250 pounds
  • All the lumbers included in the kit are pre-cut, stained, and pre-drilled
  • The details are made of architectural concept having 2 windows and green canopy cover
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Made of heavy-duty material
  • Some woods leave a trail of chips

Final Thoughts

Cheap wooden swing and slide set is actually an enjoyable playset for kids that can actually set-up over the playground or on the backyard. Moreover, the type of materials that made up this playset generally determines its durability. Yet, buying this product need to consider the appropriate structure, size of the playset, type of play equipment, and other features that come with it.

Moreover, speaking of the swing and slide set, buying the high-quality one is one of the great decision of investment in the long run. Despite the affordable price that it has, it must not compromise its quality over the years.

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