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The Top Prep Schools in London

One thing quite unique to the British educational system is the preparatory school or prep school for short. These are UK private schools that correspond to the primary and middle schools provided by the state. The general age group of children in a typical prep school is between 2 to 13 years, give or take a year or two. The top prep schools in London are among the finest in the world.

Disclaimer: This piece was contributed by a guest writer.

Preparatory schools are a very personal and individual choice for parents, usually of affluence. The different institutions put forward their own combination of ideals and academic pursuits suited for this young pupil age group.  Prep schools also are divergent from state school curriculums. They are allowed to pursue their own academic goals and do not have to be compliant with the National Curriculum. In spite of this independence, many of them are still guided by it.

Here is a look at the top prep schools in London, and what youngsters can get from the schools’ many varied offerings

The Top Prep Schools In London

Broomwood Hall

Parents simply love Broomwood Hall’s country house charm, as well as the school’s home-like ambiance making you feel like you never left home. Here you will find lovely furnishings and a legitimate drawing room that comes with an inviting fireplace. Broomwood accepts both boys and girls until they reach 8 years old.  Older boys then go to affiliate school Northcote Lodge. The girl students stay on at Broomwood Hall.

The curriculum is a broad and holistic one, stressing various areas like sports, the arts, and basic academics. Subject offerings are varied and practical, from road safety to cookery. Children that are shaped by the Broomwood way are very balanced and happy kids. It is surely among the top prep schools in London.

Bassett House

Situated in the midst of the hustle and bustle of busy Notting Hill, Bassett House features large teddy bears and some of the student’s art displayed in their very front window. This communicates to the kids a very welcoming ambiance.  There is a newly built Dairy building that is intended for earlier years that houses roomy classrooms, a very interesting interactive learning area, and even a performance arts workspace.

The place is cleverly laid out with access to the many areas merely a stone’s throw away from each other. The athletics program is quite extensive with an emphasis and focus on sportsmanship and fun. There also is the edible garden that was enacted with the Kensington- based Arcadia Charitable Trust. The garden is a favorite of children.  Bassett House is characterized by many as being very homey and a fun place for children. The school is coed and accepts ages 3-11.

Bute House

Are you the type of parent that abhors and disdains grading and ranking systems? Bute House is perhaps going to be the ideal choice since it utterly rejects competition among peers. Instead is emphasizes competition with one’s own self. If you value grades, this is not the school for you, however, inquisitive students that like to laugh and have fun will love it here.  There is a gamut of activities from dancing to elocutions, and a unique opportunity to stage a show in a mere 7 days of preparation.

The competitive drive of kids can be indulged via sports. Bute’s mandate towards community translates into practice as state school students get a taste of prep school trappings. They are allowed the use of the art, DT, and food tech areas and facilities exclusively on Saturdays. Bute is exclusive for girls aged 4-11. This school is easily among the top prep schools in London.

Dulwich Prep London

Dulwich Prep London advocates that all kids will thrive in their environment. The institution favors young boys who can keep up with their academic standards while taking advantage of the myriad of extracurricular activities available. DPL is a sizable prep school, but no student drops out or leaves, in fact, many of their students excel and even are awarded scholarships to their senior school of choice.

Easily among the top prep schools in London, Dulwich College is often where many DPL students end up, although the two institutions are not affiliated. The facilities are first-rate and there have been some recent intentions of sharing the amenities with local state primary schools. Students here are notable for being very personable and with great manners. DPL accepts students from 3-13.

Eaton House the Manor Schools

The communal atmosphere is very evident in Eaton House The Manor and is singled out by parents as to why they like the school. Most of the families that send their kids here are from the area, with students independently commuting to school. Most of them love and partake in the many post academics activities and clubs.  Kindness is placed as a paramount trait here, and particularly nice students are recognized. A strong emphasis is also placed on a good moral compass foundation.

The school is coed and kids are in separate buildings for academics but can comingle during clubs and activities. Students that come from here excel in the best London day schools like St.Paul’s and Westminster. Eaton House the Manor Schools accepts boys aged 4-13 and girls aged 4-11.

Eaton Square School

Dressed and looking resplendent in their charming uniforms, Eaton Square School students are enjoying the new Eccleston Square facilities. The new premises have modern equipped classrooms, laboratories, a computer center and even an art studio section for the creatively inclined. The new facilities are proving to be quite productive with students creating an Eco-Committee and churning out a regular school newspaper.

They were even fortunate that The Duchess of Cornwall herself was there during the launching of Poetry Together, a project involving senior citizen care home residents. The academic standards here are also set at lofty levels.  The past years year’s students went on to dominate the London day schools, bagging several scholarships. Eaton Square School is coed and accepts ages 4-11.

More Top Prep Schools in London

The Hall School

The Hall School is quite popular for churning out some of the smartest and finest young boys in London. Admission to this prep school is strictly only at Reception. It is also a tight squeeze getting in since for every slot available there is an estimated 3 hopeful applicants.  The overall high standards attract families to send their kids here. These lofty ideals equip the child for rich and rewarding lives as adults.

The school prides itself in fully equipping the pupils for very desirable schools such as Eton, Westminster, or St Paul’s. The Hall School experience is diverse with the extensive sports program that is mostly at the Wilf Slack Playing Fields, along with an Eco-Schools Committee for those interested. Less rumbustious types can try their wits at the National Chess Championships, an area where the school excels.

The creatively ambitious can also enjoy forays into Steampunk and Basquiat. The school is always undertaking improvements in both its subject offerings and facilities and parents always reluctantly have to leave once their boys are done with the school programs. This exclusive boys school accepts ages 4-13.

Hornsby House – One of Top Prep Schools in London

It is quite difficult to get your child in here since the demand is rather high. In fact, parents have their child’s name on list as early as from the maternity months. Truth be told, the waiting list for this year’s incoming Reception is pegged at 300 already. While the entry may be a bit stressful, once the child is in things begin to settle down. Hornsby House advocates itself as being an inclusive and kind institution. Paramount to it is placing a child’s well-being first.

They also guarantee a hazard-free learning place that is fun and has balance.  The school has on offer over 50 co-curricular clubs, and fun field trips to Belgium and Scotland. They even conduct a school disco, so there really is something for every inclination.  Hornsby House is coed and accepts students aged 4-11.

L’Ecole de Battersea

The school prides itself on creating a cordial environment steeped in achievement. The institution also promotes high academic and moral standards. This however is not at the expense of the student’s general happiness. Parents of the kids sent here are also quick to point out that L’Ecole de Battersea school stresses success, and does not dwell on errors or failures committed by its pupils.

L’École de Battersea is an amalgam of both the French and British educational systems. Hence students speak both English and French and experience the cultural nuances unique to both countries. They are also very keen on providing the best environment for the pupils as state-of-the-art air purification equipment is all over the facility. The school is coed and accepts ages 3-11.

Falkner House – Among Top Prep Schools in London

Looking absolutely smart in their preppy uniforms, both boys and girls are in separate areas at Faulkner House. The institution is a family affair, where its members run and own this place of learning.   There is also a co-ed nursery available at Brechin Place that is under the supervision of two exemplary Heads, Eleanor Dixon and Flavia Rogers.

On the whole, parents speak highly of the traditional ways of Falkner House that has a unique energy about it. The advocacy of the school is to make paramount happiness and well-being, alongside academic soundness.

They make sure that their students have balance all around in their young lives. Six applicants per place are the norm, which makes it quite hard to get in.  The selection of children underscores kindness, determination as well as a real passion for all the school offerings. Students love the three dogs of the school that they encounter.  Founder’s Day celebrations are an opportunity to get all dressed up, which is an occasion many of the pupils look forward to. Faulkner House is coed and accepts students aged 4-11.

Fulham Prep School

Fulham Prep School is almost the most idyllic for many parents. The school advocates that children can be children for the longest possible time. At Fulham Prep School everyone receives encouragement to be of good-nature and always smiling. Every student receives credit for their individual gifts. Since the launch of Fulham Senior, students can now elect to study here from age 4 to 18, a much wider range than most prep school institutions.

However, the work for the 11+ and 13+ is not taken lightly, and students go to many various schools with a good number of them electing to go to a boarding school. Fulham’s music program enjoys a bolster by a partnership with the prestigious Berklee College of Music located in Boston, USA. The school is coed and accepts ages 4-13.

Garden House School

The Garden House School exudes very uplifting energy and aura. The positive vibes get enhancement from fresh flowers in every room in addition to original artworks. Oddly, you will hear the crooning voice of the chairman of the board himself, Mr. Sinatra, as you step into the entrance hall. The coed pupil population has separate class areas but intermingle freely during breaks. Academics are a priority here as it is the foundation for a fruitful life.

For the more creative children, art classes are by actual practitioners. Ballet is compulsory for all, and there is a weekly swimming program also for all levels. The various extracurricular clubs also appeal to the gastronomic inclined,  while gardening classes are also on offer. According to the school’s management, improvements in both academic content and facilities are soon to happen. The coed school accepts children aged 3 – 11.

Glendower Prep School

Counted as among the best prep schools in London, this exclusive girl’s school is reputed for producing well-rounded, smart girls. The new management however is not content with that distinction. Instead, they have set a bar up high again and are endeavoring ‘To be the kindest school in the country.’ Glendower’s special focus and advocacy on pastoral care is evidence of this.

As of late, Glendower prep school has flowed effortlessly into its new premises as teaching facilities now boast of generous breakout areas. Class sizes are small and manageable and there are teaching experts on hand for the various disciplines. Girls that enroll here have a sunny and cheery disposition. Glendower Prep School accepts girls aged 3-11.

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