What to Buy Teens for Christmas? 10 Giftable Items Are Here!

Among all the age groups, teens are the ones who are really doubtful to buy some items. They actually know the next ideas of the future. But they do not have enough money to buy the things that they like to have. If you are still asking for what to buy teens for Christmas, well you landed in the right place.

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We have here ten of the best gift items that are perfect to give for teens. Aside from that list, we will also share some things that you might consider before you decide to buy them something. So, if you are already excited to know these giftable, let’s check them out below! 

What to Buy Teens for Christmas – Buying Guide

Actually, selecting gifts for teens entails a very keen decision making. Teens have the most unpredictable mind so you’ll never know what they may feel about the things you would give to them. It is really impossible to determine what they like and their considerations when it comes to choosing a gift. 

Yet, if you will base your decision on today’s trend, teens are more focused on digital items instead of books and some other stuff. Moreover, in terms of the teens’ needs, shiny things are very attracting to them. But before you end up deciding on what to buy teens for Christmas, consider these things below before you buy any gift.

Knowing them more

Initially, you need to know more about the personality of the teen who will be receiving the gift. Identify what interests them the most. For example, they are inclined with arts and music and then do not give them a selfie stick. They may highly be appreciated if they will receive a speaker, an art canvas or a savvy tote bag.


Most teens of today’s time are very stylish and posh. If this is their personality, they may accept any regular gift items. However, you must give them something that they really want to receive. Some nail polishes with glitters, lighting boxes or headphones will totally make a teen girl’s heart to pump out with these gifts. Moreover, teen boys may be good for a pair of shoes or waterproof speakers. 


Actually, gamer teens are the ones who may be hard to buy. They generally spend more time on themselves alone and their online friends. That’s why the best gift to give them is something that involves the gaming world. It could be a gaming console, a set of new and updated versions of games or a joystick. These giftable items may let them enjoy their world the most.


Among all the gifts, clothing is the most suitable. It is highly compatible with anyone no matter what their choice or interests are. They will still go to wear them. But in case you are not sure of their choice or mood, it is ideal to give some hoodies, shirts, or pants. And, it will put a smile on their face if it is a perfect fit for them.


If reading matters to them, it is really worthy to buy them interesting books which are highly related to their field of interest. Moreover, you could also go for something that they could rejoice for while they are reading it. In case they are talking about buying some book copy, it is best to give them a gift-wrapped book. Basically, a bible copy is a perfect gift item if they have it on their smartphones.

List of Things on What to Buy Teens for Christmas

OUR TOP PICK: Kala Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Product Name: Kala Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Product Description: When you are looking of what to buy teens for Christmas, try to opt for this Kala Mahogany Soprano Ukulele. Teens can grab this anywhere, from the mountain peaks to the fine, sandy beaches, from the calm river waters to the bright starlight at night. Aside from that, the teens can play this ukulele with their family, friends or classmates. Moreover, this is not just an instrument that every teen can enjoy. Kala actually makes it very simple from giving the best-stringed instrument that is generally suitable for better learning experience. Additionally, playing this ukulele can also provide an eclectic combination of artistry and culture. This is basically an instrument that is highly accessible to everyone. And, the best thing about this ukulele is that produces warmer and fuller sound.

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Giftable


What to buy teens for Christmas is actually a high-quality, classy, and affordable string instrument that is great for learning. The Kala Mahogany Soprano Ukulele performs best within the classroom, during practice, and within acoustic events. Another thing that makes this a great buy is its satin finish with an inclusion of a bright, warm tone. If you want your teen to be a professional in the field of music, helping them to learn playing this instrument can be achieved through giving them this ukulele as a gift.


  • Made of high-quality material

  • Affordable

  • Inspired by traditional ukulele


  • Produce sound is weak


PopSockets Pop-Grip

What to buy teens for Christmas

Another giftable if you are still thinking of what to buy teens for Christmas is the PopSockets Pop Grip. This one is actually attractive for teens as the top is removable and interchangeable. Doing this may allow the teens to suit their mood with their own style. Moreover, it comes basically with both a base and a grip. 

Actually, this is a phone accessory that is somehow really stylish. It can generally help in taking selfies, texting, and standing up your phone with great ease. Another excellent feature of this PopSockets Pop-Grip is that it flatly collapses the moment you are done with your phone. 

Having a measurement of 1.5 inches in diameter and 7.46 millimeter when collapsed, the PopSockets Pop-Grip has an enhanced gel. It perfectly works over back phones made of glass. This best buy for teens does not stick on silicones, soft, and highly textured cases.

It is actually very easy to change the top portion of this ideal gift. With just a second, you can immediately switch it based on your mood change. Giving this PopSockets Pop-Grip to teens may let them enjoy a perfect hold over their phones. 

Additional Features:

  • The top is highly switchable for a new design
  • Its included grip can be secured for better texting performance
  • Gives a hands-free video streaming
  • Changeable top
  • Hands-free option
  • Compatible in sticking over iPhone 11 and other smartphone in which the casing is a smooth hard plastic
  • Not suitable to stick over iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max version if do not have an appropriate case
  • Top portion is not shiny as indicated

Bluelounge Cable Yoyo

What to buy teens for Christmas

Keep on asking what to buy teens for Christmas? Well, another great buy and also an easy way to maintain the earbuds tangle-free is this Bluelounge Cable Yoyo. It is actually an earbud cord organizer that protects the earbuds. Within this product, you can neatly wrap all the earbud’s cord in a convenient and safe port.

One of the great features of Bluelounge Cable Yoyo is its magnet inclusion within its mid part. The main function of this magnet is to prevent the earbud cable from twisting. Moreover, the magnetic core has a high-quality silicon material.

At a dimension of 2.75” in diameter, this highly giftable item comes in three different colors such as green, dark grey, and light grey. The concept that makes this item very attractive to teens is its slim appearance. Because of it, teens can easily pop this inside their bag, drawer, or place well managed over their desk. 

  • With a magnetic core to keep the earbud’s cable in place
  • Made of premium silicone material
  • Has a slim design
  • Not suitable with thick cables earbuds

YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted Blanket is also another thing that you might choose as a gift for teens. Why did this item include on the list of what to buy teens for Christmas? Actually, this blanket enhances an excellent control over the temperature compared to other blankets available in the market. 

However, because of its thickness and added weight, teens may generally feel hot. But, this is very easy to address. Simply turn on a fan or an air conditioning unit. Additionally, this weighted blanket is usually smaller than those regular blankets.

Why? Simple because of the fact that it generally acts to cover than the body and not the entire bed. Aside from that, being able to adapt to using the weighted blanket basically requires a long period of time which is around 2 to 7 days.

Moreover, taking care of this best buy for teens only demands either hand or machine wash. Just flat it dry or tumble down on a dry low setting. In case you really want your teen to be comfortable during their sleep, better opt for this YnM Weighted blanket as a gift for teens for Christmas.

  • Easy to maintain and handle with care
  • May feel hot because of the product thickness
  • Smaller on size compared to the regular blanket
  • Small leaking beads come out

Logrotate Moon Lamp

What to buy teens for Christmas

If you think that lamp is one of the best things to buy teens for Christmas, then you’ll never go wrong for the Logrotate Moon Lamp. In case you are still thinking about what to buy teens for Christmas, then you could grab this moon lamp and let your teen experience a 3D night light or a decorative light. Due to this, the teens may be happy for this product’s novelty and charisma as it offers a realistic full moon shape.

With its diameter measurement of 4.8 inches, it gives off a remote and touches control type of light. Additionally, its remote control can actually work even on a distance of 30 feet. The teens can actually have full control over the lamp and make use of the remote to change the color and its brightness

Moreover, its PLA material features an environmental and non-toxic property. The teens will probably enjoy the Logrotate Moon Lamp as it has 16 different RGB color to enlighten it. Aside from that, with a polymer lithium battery of 500 mAh, the Logrotate Moon Lamp can generally work around 6 to 12 hours. 

However, this is highly dependent on the preferred brightness. Yet, the battery is highly rechargeable which can generally be charged over a power bank or desktop computer. In case you decided to go for this product, its complete package includes a wooden stand and a user manual as well. 

  • Supported by 3D printing technology
  • With 16 colors variation
  • Has the ability to change color at a distance
  • Contains built-in battery
  • Short battery life

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

What to buy teens for Christmas

When you think about what to buy teens for Christmas, just make sure to consider the teens’ attitude of being tech-savvy. Knowing this, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera is an ideal gift for them. It actually keeps the appealing design of the Instax Mini 8 while also maintaining the ease of use.

The new version of Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera entails new colors that are all attractive and very thrilling. These colors come in the shades of Smokey White, Lime Green, Flamingo Pink, Cobalt Blue, and Ice Blue. Another exciting feature of the Instax Mini 9 is the inclusion of a selfie mirror. It actually allows the teens to have a picture-perfect photo with every camera click. 

Aside from that, the Instax Mini 9 has a close-up lens adapter which is a great tool for focusing on subjects within 35 to 50 cm proximity. Yet, this camera version under Fujifilm has an automatic exposure measurement as well. Additionally, the high-key mode still remains in this mini camera version. This generally gives the advantage of taking brighter photos with soft looks. I’m sure they’ll be so excited to have this, so buy now and send it as a special gift.

Additional Feature:

  • Brightness adjustment control
  • Attachment of macro lens adapter for close up shots 
  • Includes a selfie mirror
  • Has an automatic exposure measurement
  • Contains LED light for flashing
  • Perfect for taking portrait photos
  • Operated by 2 AA Batteries
  • Camera stuck on one setting

Xbox One X Console

Now, if you are having a hard time thinking about what to buy teens for Christmas, this Xbox One X Console is a great gift for gamers. It is basically the most powerful console and gamer teens can play better games using this Xbox One X. This generally offers an excellent gaming experience through the real 4K gaming as it has an additional 40% more powerful compared to other Consoles.

A great thing about this gift item is that it is also compatible with the other Xbox One games and all its accessories. It also even works on Xbox live which is the most updated version of the multiplayer network which offers teens more playing method. The Xbox One X generally produce excellent images under 1080p through techniques as anisotropic filtering and supersampling. 

Through the use of Xbox One X, the supersampling technique can be experienced by producing images at a higher resolution. The resulting images from this technique generally look cleaner compared to those images who do not undergo a supersampling. So, if gaming is a thing for your teen, then let this Xbox One X Console delight him as your gift. 

  • Better playing through more immersive gaming
  • Uses the most updated multiplayer network
  • Compatible with all Xbox One games and accessories
  • Perfect for 1080 p screens gaming
  • May experience error code

Service title

If you are thinking of something that makes your teen’s outdoor experience more fun and entertaining, this is an ideal gift for them. What to buy teens for Christmas is something that brings yard games to your home. It is none other than the Kan Jam Portable Disc Slam Outdoor Game.

The goal of this portable disc outdoor game is to provide toss game such as disc golf, beer pong, and com hole to an excellent outdoor experience. It is very portable and has easy to adapt games having basic rules to play with. That’s why it would be a nice gift to be enjoyed by teens.

Aside from that, teens may not need to worry about its storage as it can be easy stocked over a camper or vehicle. Buying this Kan Jam Portable Disc Outdoor Game will give two pieces of portable, weatherproof goals, a playing manual, and a Kan Jam disc. It can be played over the water so it may be enjoyed by teens, kids, and even adults. What are you waiting for? Buy now, and send it as a gift right away.

  • Highly portable
  • Limitless playing option
  • Made in the USA
  • Poor bait and switch

Yogibo Beanbag Chair

This next gift item looks like an oversized bean bag that can hold at least 4 people all at once. In case you want to buy teens for Christmas with something that has a touch of comfort, style, durability, and versatility, this Yogibo Beanbag Chair is a good pick. It is a highly comfortable beanbag chair in which everyone loves to sit with. 

With a measurement of about 6 feet and weighs 19 pounds, Yogibo Beanbag Chair entails a variety of uses. If you will give this as a gift, the teens can use this as a bed, chair, couch, recliner or lounge. Moreover, kid’s gaming sessions can be even more exciting when they are sitting in this beanbag chair. Aside from that, it is also ideal for watching a good TV show, great movies, reading or relaxing.

The material of the outer cover sheet is a blend of cotton or spandex which results in a soft and durable fabric. When it comes to the inside, this beanbag chair contains microbeads that can easily adapt to the shape of the body. This is greatly perfect for teens with back issues and even for pregnant women. Moreover, the beads offer an excellent level of firmness and keep the body cool.

  • Can hold a maximum of 4 people
  • Very portable
  • Washable outer cover
  • Uses micro-beads for great firmness
  • Chemical smelling
  • Fabric attracts dirt and stains

Jackery Portable Charger for iPhone

What to buy for teens for Christmas? Well, try this portable iPhone charger from Jackery. It is actually a fast iPhone charger where it has built-in cables responsible for its charging speed. This portable charger generally gives off a powerful 6000 mAh which makes it the most compact power bank. The iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, Xs, XR, Xs max undergo and pass the testing for the half time charging capacity of this portable charger.

With a sleek design, this power bank perfectly fits inside your teen’s pocket which is really ideal for on-the-go charging. That’s why the teens may generally love it. Moreover, this allows pass-through charging option. The complete package of the Jackery Portable Charger for iPhone includes 6000 mAh portable charger, Micro USB charging cord, a user guide, and a Thank You card. So, grab this one now and send it as a special gift.

Additional Features:

  • Perfectly compatible with iPhone and iPad
  • Unmatched charging speed
  • Can be used for iPhones and other USB devices
  • Has internal lightning cable
  • Includes micro USB cable cord
  • With built-in flashlight
  • Not fast charging

Final Thoughts

What to buy teens for Christmas is actually the hardest decision to make. It entails lots of factors to consider before you land on the best one to buy. Moreover, buying gift items for teens needs to take into account their identity, style, mood, interests, and other features that come with it.

Aside from that, in terms of gift items for teens, buying a high-quality one is the best option to stake your money in the long run. So, instead of buying a budget-friendly one, still, the great idea is to invest your money on giftable items that teens may enjoy over the years.

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