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Why is it Important to Spend Time with Family?

Why is it important to spend time with family? This is indeed a very no-brainer concept. Obviously, time together makes the bond stronger. However, we will do things differently today in this blog post. The question is, of course, answerable by a cliché answer, so we will give you more than that. We will actually dwell on the other subtle reasons as to why quality time is vital. Make sure to definitely stick around until the end!

Provides time for talking as well as listening

In these times where there are just a lot of things to deal with, it’s easy to forget about family time. Indeed, work demands a lot of your time. Moreover, even if you are already at home, there are still extra tasks. In addition to this and obviously, you as a parent has home responsibilities. Yes, the gist of all these is that life is just too much. It’s really that possible that talking and listening between family members isn’t happening often or even not at all!

However, always bear in mind that the family needs to talk things out. More importantly, there are definitely things to listen upon. These things encompass all the significant matters within the family. Intentionally spending time with each other will definitely give room for that.

Instills important lessons to your children

Why is it important to spend time with family? Another good reason is that through this, you will be able to talk to your children about important things in life. These things range from principles, values, and more lessons that you believe are what they should hold on to. Certainly, it’s your duty as their parent to directly teach them about these things.

Helps children learn and grow in a non-judgmental environment

Family time means bonding time. Moreover, bonding time means moments where the whole family can just relax and just be themselves. It’s truly a good way for children to learn new things that are needed for their growth while not being judged or whatsoever. School is definitely great for our children. On the other hand, some things must also be learned from the comfort of home where there are no grading systems.

Builds children’s self-esteem

Why is it important to spend time with family? It’s because it certainly builds children’s self-esteem. Self-esteem is grounded confidence in one’s value as a human being. Now, you may already be asking how spending quality time with the family will result to this. First, your child will have a strong foundation of oneself because he/she knows that they have your support. Knowing that the most significant people in his/her life are very much present helps them a lot.  Next, their abilities that makes them unique will be very much evident when they are with their loved ones. Knowing their strengths and what makes them special are definitely the building blocks of one’s self-esteem.

Helps children’s academic performance

Teaching is a learning experience!

A child’s academic performance will really go to greater heights because of family time. Why and how? Without a doubt, a child will be more eager to bring up school stuff with you. They will feel like that because they know that there are fixed times for bonding. If that’s the case, then get ready to be called by their teacher for your child’s impressive performance!

Teaches your children to be a good friend

Why is it important to spend time with family? It’s because it also teaches your child about what it means to be a good friend. During family time, everyone is bonding. Of course, that is characterized by vulnerability, sweetness, tenderness, kindness, and the likes. Then you will definitely be assured that these things will be instilled upon your child. He/she will get the idea that these things are what constitute a loving relationship. Later on with their friends, they will try to imitate the loving relationship within your home. Then the result? Your child will indeed be the best of all friends ever!

Develops positive behaviors

Spending time with your family will also enable you to watch your child’s behaviors. You will definitely see traits that are good as well as bad. Moreover, you can work on both. It’s by reinforcing the good ones while correcting the bad. Furthermore, numerous studies have already proven that children raised in families that always bonds together grow to be good people. It’s due to the fact that they indeed feel loved, secured, and accepted.

Decreases behavioral problems

Just as what the previous item implies, behaviors that aren’t that good will really be worked on. Even so, behavioral problems can already be avoided from the very beginning just by having family time. Certainly, bonding with the family will make the child feel good in general. And when he/she feels good, tantrums aren’t highly probable. Your child’s mood will absolutely be inclined to the brighter side of the spectrum. Without a doubt, he/she will have a positive and passionate disposition in life. Moreover, they won’t be able to learn rudeness or meanness because of the loving relationship within the premise of home. Yes, your child will certainly be a person of good manners. That’s all thanks to having good times together.

Designates chores

Why is it important to spend time with family? One not-so-obvious but equally important reason is that during family time, you can all talk about chores.

Chores in the house are really a killjoy. Yes, they are really the mood changers. On the other hand, there’s no other choice but to do them. Moreover, think about how chores sound to your children. Rest assure that they definitely have it worse than you. However, they need to take on some responsibility in the house as well. Just remember that their tasks should be appropriate to their age.

During bonding times, you can make the topic of chores in a light note. That way, your little children will be more open to listen. Then you should tell them the designation of the chores and their importance.

Relieves stress

This one is definitely a no-brainer. When we are in the company of the people we love the most, we are at peace. Moreover, when we are at peace, all the stresses that we have accumulated within us vanish. Now, the vanishing can be completely or just temporarily. But whatever is the case, stresses are certainly taken out of your system. Now, what happens when stresses are lifted up from you? Your body actually feels great. Furthermore, the resulting sensation feels like there are knots in various parts of your body getting untangled. Doesn’t that sounds and feels damn nice?

Leads to positive lifestyle choices

Why is it important to spend time with family? Another reason is that it leads to positive lifestyle choices. There are actually a lot of studies that tell about how quality time within the family reduces the possibility of children later abusing harmful substances like alcohol. Moreover, there are also researches that tell how there is just a small risk of obesity in children as long as they’re raised in a family that values quality time.

You may be asking how bonding has to do with such stuff. This needs to be looked at the perspective of what bonding actually gives. Clearly, the answer is connection. It’s a known fact that one of the reasons people tend to abuse substances is to fill a hole they’re feeling in their hearts. Yes, connection to people can have a remedy for that. Moreover, it’s not just any kind of connection but a certainly loving one.

So if your child had a lot of quality times with you, there is a high chance that there won’t be any holes to fill when they grow up.

Creates memories

Spending time with the family creates piles of memories for all of you. Think about it as a photo album that continues to get filled with fun pictures. Certainly, you may really want to reminisce someday of all the fun times you all shared together. More importantly, you will definitely like knowing before you sleep that you had a fun bonding with your family that day.

Teaches your children on how to be good parents in the future

Last but definitely not the least, your children will learn good parenting from you. Is further explanation still needed here? No, it isn’t because it’s as simple and amazing as that.

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That’s it from me today. If you like this blog post or if you have more reasons as to why spending time with your family is important, leave us a comment! Also do the same if you have more suggestions on how to make things more fun during family bonding time! Indeed, always remember that time with the family is crucial. Make sure that you are having lots of time together as much as possible. Lastly, have an awesome, loving, and fulfilling parenting!

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