Hello and welcome to dadblog.co.uk!

My name is Seb and I’m a married father of 5 wonderfully energetic and exhausting children. I have too many cats and dogs to count and I question how I got to this stage in my life on a daily basis!

I’m a stay at home / work-from-home dad and the family keep me busy but I’m not sure what I ever did with my free time (*cough casual drinking problem*) before them!

By day I run affiliate marketing website and occasionally do freelance SEO work. I used to work for an SEO agency before going solo many a moon ago.

I started working on dadblog in early 2020 (just before Covid-19 hit… Does anyone else want to get off Mr Bones’ Wild Ride)!?

Dadblog.co.uk is a mix of my personal fatherhood journey and contributions from parents (both mothers and fathers) like yourself and the occasional sponsored post!

I wish to remain a somewhat anonymous dad blogger due to crazy stalker non-contact alcoholic parent issues but that may change in the future.

If you wish to get in touch, please use the contact me page. I’d love to hear from you!

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