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A New Beginning: The Rebirth of Dad Blog

Greeting and salutations my fellow weary parents and sleep-deprived comrades in the parenting trenches! 🌙✨

It’s time for a grand reopening of DadBlog, where the chaos of parenting comes to life.

My list of chores and responsibilities…

Why you’re reading this, instead of putting away laundry, or loading and unloading the dishwasher, tidying the dining table and reloading the washing machine in time for the kids to get back to school on Monday is a question for another day, and I’m definitely not procrastinating by writing it either!

But… seeing as you’ve managed to stumble upon this post, why not stay and let my somewhat incoherent babblings and non-sensical musings entertain you for a while.

What to Expect in the Coming Year: A Sneak Peek

Hold onto your tea and biscuits, because DadBlog is gearing up for a whirlwind of parenting tales, tips, triumphs and failures!

I’ll be sharing experiences from my own life, tackling the mysteries of bedtime routines, decoding the cryptic language of my teenagers eye rolls + monosyllabic responses and diving headfirst into the everyday chaos and lack of sleep that defines parenting.

My lofty but somewhat achievable goals for Dad Blog in 2024:

Create a steady revenue stream from DadBlog.
Build a newsletter.
Start using X & figure out TikTok (shudder).
Publish a joke book.
Create a Dad Joke app.
Maybe win some awards (looking at you Vuelio – #10 just won’t do) for my writing and increase the visibility for Dad Blog as a whole.
Start sharing my home-educating adventures and create an array of digital downloads.

These are here to hold myself accountable and I’ll revisit this post next January. Hopefully with all of the above ticked off!

Personal Goals


A Shoutout to the Tired but Helpful Parents

To all the parents who’ve stumbled upon DadBlog in the wee hours of the night while soothing a crying baby or searching for that elusive parenting hack – this rebirth is for you.

As I put on the finishing touches to this post at **looks disbelivingly at clock** 00:07 while the winds and rain of storm Isha penetrate my now damp abode, I hope to be of some assistance, or at the very least, manage to get you to crack a smile during these trying times.

So, here’s to a new beginning, to the chaos, the cuddles, and the camaraderie of parenthood. DadBlog is back, and it’s ready to waffle on with whimsy, rhyme with reason, and be your virtual companion in this wild journey called parenting.

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