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How To Stop Picking Lips Habit: Essential Tips

How To Stop Picking Lips Habit

The only problem is that a vicious cycle of drying lips and chopping on dead skin begins. That is because it is like peeling off the surface before it is ready to go. It can exacerbate dryness and even prolong the healing time and cause long-term harm. So if picking just exacerbates the problem, lips may never feel really soft and smooth, and picking is the only choice. But it is not. If one or a combination of these treatments will interrupt the loop, your lips will be grateful for it. Here’s how to how to stop picking lips habit!

Self-Injury and Lip-Picking

It can be tough for the lip pickers to break the habit. You can know like you have to balance out your lips, and you can pick them regularly. Some lip pickers do so when they’re bored, while others are nervous or even anxious. If you have the habit of picking your lips in times of difficulty, you may be involved in self-injury.

What Does Self-Injury Mean?

Self-injury is to deliberately harm your body without attempting suicide. It usually happens when you are overwhelmed with emotions. Lip picking can be caused by any issues you have encountered and have not looked after in the past. It can also be triggered by work or home stress. If you can identify the root cause of this habit, it can be reduced or completely stopped.

Lip picking is another form of pickle that targets the lips or the mouth inside. Behaves like peeling, biting, or chewing the skin on the lips or biting can cause considerable damage to the inside of the mouth and cheeks. 

Although it is difficult for everyone to withstand a bit of peeled skin pulling or biting on their lips, people with disordered picking behaviours go beyond that. Driven by tension, boredom, or anxiety, they can damage your lips to the point of feeling uncomfortable or painful, for example, eating or kissing.

What Causes It?

The cause of repetitive behaviours focused on the body is complicated, and research has no answers. Like compulsive skin picking, lip picking often happens in families with a history of obsessive-compulsive disorder or repeated body-focuses. 

Lip picking is also related to stress and anxiety, which are called the triggers of clinical samples. While stress and anxiety do not cause lip picking, the behaviour of lip picking often increases severity with stress increases. Some people report picking without realizing it, which indicates that the action can be related to emotional regulations. However, the behaviours of each person are different.

Lip picking results from physical constraints in many situations. For example, chapped lips may be tempted to peel the skin, and attempts to encourage recovery may lead to a cascade of compulsive behaviours by removing dead tissue. Cold sores or blisters may also begin the picking process. Although these habits can tend to be positive, they can also become worse.

Disordered lip picking behaviours frequently start during puberty during adolescence, indicating that some aspects of the disorder may be hormonal.

How To Stop Picking Lips Habit

Have you got a bad habit of picking your lips? Possibly because it’s hot and chapped, you’re doing it. But here’s how to stop your picking lips habit. Good care of your lips keeps them soft and smooth, so you won’t feel the need to pick them again. By exfoliating the lips, moisturizing them and improving the lifestyle of nourished skin, you can embellish your lips and get your picking habit going for good.

How To Stop Picking Lips Habit

Step 1

Act on your lips rather than picking. Do you pick up the dead skin that builds up on your lips without thought? You may not be able to resist picking if you feel a bit of skin flattening off. However, it does not make your lips less dry or healthy. Instead of picking the skin off, try to make the energy healthier for your lips. The result is soft, dry skin-free lips that look good, not raw lips which bleed where you pick them.

If you have a lasting bad habit of picking and a nervous tic, it will take more than just conditioning your lips to resolve the problem. See how to break a bad habit to help stop picking your lip for good.

If you’re worried you can’t stop by yourself, see a doctor to decide whether you might have a Compulsive skin picking disorder strongly correlated with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to Body Dysmorphic Disorder. It is tough to solve on your own, so seek assistance from someone who can advise you.

Step 2

Clean your toothbrush with your mouth. Moisten your lips with warm water and use a clean toothbrush to brush them gently with a circular movement. This will reduce the buildup of dry, dead skin, which will chap and flaccid your lips. When you pick your lips too frequently and bleed too much skin, brushing your lips just removes the top layer of dead skin, maintaining the protective layer.

Another good thing to brush your lips is a clean loofah. Just don’t use an older loofah, as these bacteria can bear. Don’t scrub your lips with the brush too hard. It’s all right if, after brushing, your lips are still a little rough. You may need more than one session to obliterate the dead skin.

Step 3

Seek a rinse with sugar. This is a great option if your lips are sore and tight, as it’s a bit more gentle than a brush. Make an easy combination of a sugar teaspoon and a sweet teaspoon. Spread on your lips and massage with your fingers through your lips. The top layer of dead skin will be removed without damaging the layer below. Rinse your lips with warm water when you are finished.

Step 4 

Apply a lip balm emollient. An emollient is a substance that traps and protects moisture from being dried out in your skin. If your lips are severely torn or chapped, regular chapsticks may not be enough to help cure them.

Repeat until your lips are dry. It can take more than one adjustment session to shape your lips. Repeat the process of exfoliating your lips every few days. Wear an emollient product during the session on your lips during the day and at night. Do not repeat the cycle more than once a day, as it might irritate your skin.

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips on how to stop your picking lips habit!


Stop drying your lips with cosmetics. Your regular lip balm in your pharmacy will possibly contain ingredients that will dry your lips over time. Continue to use a nice emollient balm with mild ingredients.

Don’t lick your mouth. 

You may have to lick your lips, but the enzymes in your saliva will make them dry out even more. Just as you resist the urge to choose, resist the urge to lick.

Overnight, protect your lips.

Are you waking up with dry lips? This may be the result of your open mouth sleep. When you breathe all night long through your mouth, your lips can dry up rapidly. Although your breathing patterns can be difficult to alter, you can fix the issue by covering your lips at night. Try to use lip baking every night before bed, so you’ll wake up with moisturizing lips rather than dry.

Get plenty of water to drink.

Dry, chapped lips are often a dehydration side effect. You can not drink enough water during the day. Drink if you have a thirst and try to change coffee and soda to water as soon as you can. Your lips will be softer and better hydrated in a few days.

Alcohol is believed to induce dehydration. Try to cut off your alcoholic use a few hours before bed and drink a lot of water before you go to sleep if you wake up with chapped lips.

Carry a reusable water bottle throughout the day, so when you are thirsty, you will always have fresh water.

Try a humidifier. 

If your skin is naturally dry, a moisturizer can save your life, especially in winter. Moisturizers attach moisture to dry air to make the skin much smoother. Place one in your bedroom and see if, after a few days, you can tell the difference.

Make changes in lifestyle.

The accumulation of salt on the lips can make them dry up quickly. Changing your diet to include less salt could make a big difference in the texture of your lips. Rinse your lips with warm water after you eat salty foods so that salt does not sit on your lips.

Smoking is hard on the lips and causes dryness and irritation. If you are a smoker, there are many good reasons to get used to this, and one of them is healthy lips. Seek to smoke as much as possible to avoid harm to your lips.

Final Tip You Can Use To Stop Picking Lip Habits

If you pick your lips all the time to even out your skin, then your skin is an issue. Seek to learn why your lips are still so dry and bruised and use good-quality products to treat them. When your lips are smooth, you won’t need to even them out anymore. You should make sure your skin is soft, not flaky, so you won’t be tempted to choose it. Owing to too much sun, too much wind, or too little water, lips can become flaccid.

Otherwise, you might have a severe condition that has left your lips dry. If your lips are usually dry, this means you do something that hurts your lips every day. You, therefore, need to identify and deal with the reason behind your dry and chapped lips.

Final Words

When you’re over-moisturizing your lips, your body can restrict natural moisturizers such as lip plumpers to dry your lips. So make sure you don’t use moisturizers excessively on your face and lips. Hopefully, these tips helped you on how to stop a picking lips habit!

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